For me everything starts with drawing. I LOVE TO DRAW. 

Fabric Lenny is a painter, animator, sculptor, designer, illustrator and creative director. 

His creative journeys start with drawing; it’s a way for him to propagate ideas, clarify thinking and make discoveries. These ‘starts’ can be doodles, observed drawings, or just a series of marks which offer up hidden images, suggest unusual shapes and concepts, or can unlock the door to new imagery and fresh ways of working that can lead to live projection, sculpture, animation, installation, illustration and lots of fun.

Fabric Lenny’s work includes installation, theatre design, animation, live drawing, illustration, sculpture, moving image and painting. He is a serial collaborator and regularly works with musicians, performers, photographers, dancers and theatre practitioners to create engaging installations, happenings and other unexpected magic.

'His simple but exuberant line drawings seem to encompass everything he sees, digest it and then spurt it out visually in a multitude of forms.'  Benjamin Rabe

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